Widen Your Perspectives – Expand The Possibilities

Hone your leadership capability and prepare your organization for VUCA!

Choose people with the mindsets, capacities and skills for tomorrow
Choose people with the mindsets, capacities and skills for tomorrow
They will help you survive, and THRIVE, in this VUCA world



Today’s leadership decisions create tomorrow’s organization culture
Are you making good choices about the right things?

Move from reactivity to readiness
So when opportunity presents you can act

We are in the midst of VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
How VUCA-ready are YOU?

Are you counting on things that are no longer certain?
Your readiness for uncertainty can be assessed and improved

Some Strategies for Complexity:

Complexity, by definition, cannot be managed.  Complicated can, yes – but not complexity.  The best we can do is acknowledge it, and then try to look at it in smaller chunks, evaluating each one independently, before then putting those chunks back together to form larger entities that must also be evaluated.  This requires people who…

Some Strategies for Uncertainty and Ambiguity: 

One frequent challenge is people who are unwilling to say “I don’t know” or “I was wrong”.  If people can’t own what they don’t know or their mistakes, then the focus becomes on protecting – either my ignorance or my error – without regard for the impact to the organization.  When that’s the case, there’s…

Some Strategies for Volatility

Volatility can be minimized by open-minded scenario planning, serious succession planning, and ensuring more than one person has a working knowledge of all things critical and important. While these won’t stop an external VUCA event, such as someone getting hit by a bus, they will certainly go a long way toward reducing the impact of…

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Our current thoughts on VUCA:

VUCA is all around us, wreaking havoc, and looking to get stronger. So we must remain vigilant and continue to prepare ourselves and our organizations as best we can. The problem is that, for most of us, dealing with something so big, and uncontrollable, and unsettling is draining and difficult. It’s easier to put most of it out of our minds, to just focus on the parts we understand and feel we can impact in some way. The temptation is strong to give in to apathy, or minimize what our role could be, or to let ourselves be caught up in the unimportant weeds. But the choices we make and the actions we take here and now will impact our future, and the future or our organization, for better or worse. There are no easy answers to the conundrum of VUCA, but there are lots of questions and perspectives that provide good places to start. Feel free to look through the resources here and, if you want, reach out to us for more personalized help. It’s our shared future and we’re in this together.