Diversity of Thought, Variety of Experience, Depth of Expertise

Our partnerships expand what we bring to the table:

  • learning first-hand what works and what doesn’t so we can better guide you as you do the same
  • increasing our understanding and empathy for the obstacles and resistance that is likely to come up
  • and – most obviously – strengthening our own capacity to give you what you need

Some of our very best work has been done as members of teams. Being part of a diverse larger network provides us with fresh information, new perspectives and cutting edge approaches.  It invites and encourages us to be our very best. Each member brings incredible value from their own perspectives and experiences.  We’re delighted to be able to include their expertise in what we provide to you.

We believe strongly in the power of collaboration and are open to opportunities to form “partnerships” with individuals and organizations that complement the work we do, hold to the same values and high standards, and are committed to outcomes that benefit everyone involved.  Sometimes this involves a teaming arrangement to meet the needs of a larger project that we can’t handle alone.  Sometimes it’s an opportunity to bring in an expertise that’s best provided by one of our “partners.”

In this unpredictable VUCA world, surviving – and thriving, or not – will increasingly depend on how well we work with others. There’s just no way to “do it alone” any more.  Those partners can be within our organization or sector, or creatively outside it.  A mix of both is usually best.  That’s certainly what we are aiming for.