Consulting & Thought-Partnering

Consulting – leveraging our expertiseis one of the ways we share our experience with you around your real-time needs.  It is usually focused on your organization as a whole – its systems, dynamics, culture, vision, etc.  Consulting is usually the first step, the entry point.  It can be a single conversation, or a long-term ongoing exploration.  It starts with getting clear about what’s wanted that isn’t currently happening – what is your strategic vision or desired future state.  Then together we assess the current state and create an actionable plan to achieve that goal.

Don and Cindy have an excellent delivery style, able to relate to factory floor workers and our CEO. They are not flashy or glitzy. They are, however, willing to get into the trenches and do the work that very few consultants or trainers actually do. ~ Harry Franzheim,  Director of Human & Organization Development, Mikron Industries

We believe that every client has unique needs and goals, so we tailor and manage our entire consulting process to meet your desired outcomes – however large or small.  We build on what you already have in place, offering complementary skills and expertise, strengthening your in-house capabilities, and working together to prepare you to meet your future needs.

Thought-partnering – exploring leading edges we bring our knowledge, expertise and curiosity, while you bring your on-the-ground understanding, to a conversation about your challenges.  Together, we work with ideas and learn from each other – you about the new concept and us about the specifics of your implementation – until you find a next step that feels right.  At that point, the thought-partnering becomes coaching as we support you in determining how you are going to take action.

They bring not just their expertise to the discussion, but a new way of thinking about the challenges and opportunities we face every day …. They taught me a new perspective that I have found incredibly valuable and I work to incorporate it into my work every day. ~ Susie Burdick, Executive Director, The Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center, Seattle, Washington

Thought-Partnering is our way of intentionally sharing the benefit of what we know, and are learning – our expertise and experience – as part of our consulting and coaching conversations.