About Us

Let’s start with Leadership in a VUCA world!

Our current focus is on how leaders and organizations can survive, and thrive, in this unpredictable world. The whole game has changed – economically, politically, socially, financially, ecologically – and the new normal is definitely VUCA:  volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Responding to this world requires leadership that’s prepared to handle uncertainty, and organizations that encourage employees to participate fully.

This is the natural next step in our 30+ years of work.  And, as the “new normal,” it’s the next necessary step for our clients.

We have been providing practical and effective guidance on leadership, teams and complex adaptive change since 1992. Several years ago, the critical need for a different set of individual leadership characteristics and skills became apparent as we watched clients (some ours, some not) waiting for things to become predictable and known again. That’s an unlikely future. Instead, ongoing change, increasing unpredictability, and ever more VUCA seem a surer bet. Our goal is to engage in conversations about the opportunities for leaders and their organizations to response well to the very real challenges VUCA presents.