Our Passion

Here’s a bit more about us – and what we love …

parallax consulting passion

Our harvest

Cooking – together – especially using fresh veggies we’ve grown together in our garden! Every Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve we experiment with a new cusine or a new set of spices.



Kayaking – we love our tandem kayak and just need to get more comfortable with the tides and currents around Whidbey Island.  Our 5-day trip to Prince William Sound for the summer solstice a few years ago with dear friends just whetted our appetite.  Next on the list – the warmer waters of Mexico!

Leonard Cohen, R.I.P – our first introduction to his incredible voice and evocative lyrics was at a party in Vancouver BC years ago.  Since then, we’ve gone to most of his Seattle concerts, and most recently added “Thanks for the Dance” to our collection.  We also love the amazing album “Blue Alert” (title song) by Anjani – songs she wrote and sings, inspired by his works.

Our cats (not just any cats) – Evie Joy (our lively young girl) and Bailey (our older boy, named after the delicious liqueur, sweet with a bit of a kick).

our dahlias

Our dahlias

Our veggie and flower gardens – Cindy loves having her hands in the dirt and growing almost anything!  She loves how the “earth laughs in flowers” – dahlias, peonies, poppies – so many to love! And there’s nothing better than growing your own veggies (Don loves the results, which goes back to his passion around cooking!)

Good reads – Don tends to favor mind-candy in mystery form (Jack Reacher anyone?!), while Cindy is currently exploring some incredible memoirs, and loving the variety of books she reads for her Book Club.

Fish ‘n’ Chips – we’ve made it a personal quest to find the best fish ‘n’ chips around. So far, we’ve sampled dozens of restaurants, far and wide, over the past 20 years and still can’t beat the ones that were served by the wonderful Chrises at The Nickerson Street Saloon in Seattle’s Fremont District (so sad it’s closed).  Let us know if you have a place we should check out!

Micro brews – we’re always up for trying something local – Don’s partial to a nut brown, and Cindy loves a nice hoppy IPA.  A current fav is Penn Cove Brewery’s Madrona Way IPA.

Our Grandkids – what can we say – we love all four of them!!