Genuine Collaboration

Genuine Collaboration is an essential capability for the future, and has five interdependent components

  • Common Purpose
  • Knowing Self
  • Understanding Others
  • Effective Communication
  • Trust

They’re all important. If one’s missing, you can have high performance or the appearance of collaboration, but not what we call “genuine collaboration.”  That’s what shows up when all five components are in play.  It’s what’s needed when the going gets tough, when things aren’t going as planned, or when there appears to be a choice between “me” and “we.”

If it’s not genuine collaboration, what shows up is likely some variation on “I need to look like I’m a team player (even if I’m not),” “I’ve got to take care of myself first (that’s what everyone else is doing),” or “I’ll just wait for the plan to fail (and then they’ll see that I was right).” And it just doesn’t get the same results.

Collaboration in a VUCA World

As the world becomes increasingly uncertain and VUCA increases, genuine collaboration becomes even more important.  When you can’t count on the plan as it was created, when you have to adjust in the moment, when guidance is given in the form of values instead of directives – these five pieces become essential for a team or organization to work effectively together.

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