Our Team

Our team includes:

  • the two of us Cindy Weeks and Don Johnston, founders and principals of Parallax Consulting
  • some like-minded collaborators
  • and a diverse network of talented partners

This is intentional.  Being lean keeps us agile, engaged and responsive – and you always get the “A” team!  Our network gives us scalability, diversity and additional expertise.

Our knowledge and expertise …

It’s in leadership coaching, organizational consulting, thought-partnering, leadership development, navigating change (aka change management), facilitation and assessments.

We draw on Cindy’s interest in fully exploring ideas, especially on the cutting-edge, and curiosity about people, and Don’s bias for the practical and getting results.  These are natural complements, encouraging creativity and innovation while being relevant and actionable. We bring more than sixty years of experience to this woman-owned business. Our enduring client relationships and referral-based business are testimony to our integrity, commitment and results.

Our Just-In-Time experiential approach …

Everybody is busy and budgets are tight, so we have our own version of just-in-time experiential learning:

  • painting the big picture up front so you know what to expect,
  • providing the relevant information when it’s actually needed, and
  • making the learning stick by applying it immediately to your real-world needs.

To keep you from being “consultant dependent,” we share as much of our knowledge and expertise as possible, embedding the learning in as many ways as we can within your organization and enabling you to do as much of it as you can on your own.  Of course, we’re always there to provide additional support if it’s needed.

Our “job security” comes from knowing that delighted clients (you!) will tell their friends so we can delight them, too.

Our Promise – We Will:

  • Tell the truth, with compassion, even when it’s difficult
  • Offer the benefit of the doubt – while holding people accountable for their behaviors and commitments
  • Get in there and do the hard work with you
  • Honor individual strengths and needs – while in service of your organization’s vision and goals