Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching – listening and questioning to turn increased self-awareness into breakthrough results – focuses on you getting clearer about what you want and where you want to be, and what actions you will take to get there.  It is usually focused on individuals – whether it’s one-on-one, or team or group coaching – it’s still about the individuals involved.

In this VUCA world, our coaching increasingly focuses on leaders internalizing the new skills and perspectives necessary to lead in the midst of uncertainty and create, within their organizations, a leadership culture well positioned to address an unpredictable future.

I came to hone my leadership skills, and it connected to my whole life. Cindy offered truth and compassion and met me exactly where I am. I’m getting solid feedback that I’m a better leader. My focus is clear and intentional. ~ Roberta M. Davis, CPCU, Sr. Product Manager, PEMCO

Why Leadership Coaching?

We know you want all your employees to be successful and increase their value to your organization.  Providing them with a professional coach can create an intentional, respectful and powerful partnership – one based on honesty, feedback and trust – that will support them in successfully attaining their goals and yours.

  • Monica improved her delegation, freeing herself to do the work that only she could do to grow her business
  • Cheryl became more confident and fully stepped up to her management role
  • Pete became a more empathic listener, which improved his engagement with his team and got him a promotion

Key benefits of Leadership Coaching

  • More productive and collaborative interpersonal relationships
  • Increased visibility and credibility
  • Stronger participation in meetings, with peers, and with upper management
  • Increased readiness for additional responsibilities and/or promotion
  • Improved skill at asking questions, offering opinions, and managing conflict
  • Ideas more readily accepted and endorsed by peers, direct reports and higher-ups
  • Better able to deal with complex adaptive change and the challenges of our VUCA world

Advantages of a Coaching Culture

The more you rely on individuals to take action in keeping with your organization’s values and vision, without direct input, the more important it is to have a culture that is as self-sufficient as possible at every level.  A coaching culture provides this.  By encouraging appropriate coaching behaviors, employees can learn easily from each other as well as from management.  Your employees at all levels will have the benefit of understanding how others see them, and how their behaviors affect others, so they can make conscious and intentional choices about which behaviors, attitudes and mindsets are serving them well and which they could change for better results.