Where To Start

Start with yourself.  Contact us for help evaluating how VUCA-ready you are, and how you might be limiting your organization’s VUCA-readiness.  Things like:

  • How comfortable are you not-knowing?
  • How well do you embrace ambiguity?
  • How open are you to “weak signals”?
  • How flexible are you about “how” things get done?

Start with your leadership team.  Bring us in for a couple of hours.  We’ll lead you through a conversation around your VUCA-readiness so you can respond to what you don’t yet know, and leverage what you do know.  Together we’ll explore questions like:

  • What are you least prepared for?
  • What are you most worried/concerned about?
  • How ready are you for the expected to change in unexpected ways?
  • What’s not on your radar that someone in your organization would say should be?

Start with your organization.  Assess the culture – both current and desired – and figure out how to make it more supportive of VUCA-friendly behaviors, and less self-limiting:

  • In what ways does the culture discourage the risk taking you actually need to be innovative?
  • How healthy is the balance between harmony and directness?
  • To what degree is conflict and difference-of-opinion productive?
  • Is there genuine collaboration throughout your organization?
  • To what extent can you act on “weak signals” from the periphery?

Start with our website.  It is designed to offer useable content.  If you can use it on your own and don’t need any help from us, great!  If you do end up wanting help here or there along the way, whether as you get started or when you hit a roadblock, please reach out!