Who are You?  Who am I?  Who are We?   How do we engage productively with each other? These are questions worth asking, more than once.  Our assessments can help fill in the blanks for individuals or groups, increasing self-awareness and improving interpersonal understanding and communication.

We know that you want to be able to get comprehensive, targeted and objective data that can improve your organization’s success with employee selection, development, motivation, retention and productivity.  Our assessments can provide that data.

Don and Cindy are extremely knowledgeable about the assessment process, and their response time is incredible. Because of our relationship with Parallax, we know that the criteria for our final candidates is customized to our target profile, not generic industry standards. ~ Glenn Chalmers, Previously GSM, 95 Crave-650 CISL, VP Sales, Astral Media Radio GP

Benefits of using Assessments

  • Enhanced interpersonal and team effectiveness
  • Employees are better able to cope with change
  • High performers are more satisfied and want to stay
  • Leaders are able to give feedback that is constructive and objective, and in a way that best suits the individual
  • Leaders are more aware of the benefits of diversity and make fewer cultural mistakes
  • Leadership is better able to lead in our complex and ever changing VUCA environment
  • Potential job candidates match your organizations’ specific needs

 We are certified to offer assessments that cover:

  • Organization leadership culture
  • Management and leadership 360’s
  • Personal styles for individuals, peer-to-peer, managers and employees, and teams

These are the assessments we have found to be the most effective: