Our Whidbey Island Office

We chose beautiful Whidbey Island as our new home/office in 2001 (not far, coming from Seattle – but significant).  We were drawn to the culture, the community and the natural beauty (we’re still awed by the stars with no street lights!)  And we’ve never regretted it (no fair counting momentary frustration with the ferry lines, especially in the summer …)

Becoming part of this community has been rewarding on many levels:

  • opening our lives to our neighbors in ways we’d never dreamed of in “the city”
  • coming to cherish the overlapping circles of thoughtful, passionate and creative friends
  • learning what it really means to belong to a local community
  • involving ourselves, personally and professionally, with the small businesses and not-for-profits that we’ve come to know and love
  • and very local food!

The intimacy and gentler-pace of this community have been quite a shift – one we have come to deeply appreciate.  Come visit us and experience it for yourself – the fifteen minute ferryboat crossing will nourish your soul and “wash away” your stress!