New Perspectives ~ New Possibilities

What is VUCA?





Why Should You Care?

• VUCA is the "new normal"

• You can't fight VUCA and win

• Unpredictability is here to stay

• The signals you miss could sink you

• Change efforts fail 70% of the time

What Can You Do?

• Be clear about "why" ~ flexible about "how"

• Make friends with ambiguity

• Embrace the benefits of "not knowing"

• Find security in being ready, instead of
  being sure

• Measure what you must ~ monitor
  what you can

We Can Help You...

• Prepare for the unexpected

• Plan for the expected, knowing it will change

• Become a more capable leader

• Develop the new abilities your team needs

• Create a VUCA-ready organization

New Perspectives on VUCA - New Possibilities in Leadership

Hone your leadership capabilty and prepare your organization for VUCA.

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We are excited to be returning to our core competencies - helping leaders and their organizations prepare for change and uncertainty ...

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VUCA in our lives

Our Aikido training has us looking at how to let go, breathe and open as soon as we notice our fight/flight response has been triggered.

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A question to ponder ...

"What do you love most about the work you do?" (Taken from "The Mingle")

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A message from Cindy and Don ...

© Copyright aturkus; licensed for reuse through Creative Commons

© Copyright aturkus; licensed for reuse through Creative Commons


Consider the issue of Leadership in a VUCA world - and ask yourself three questions: "What is VUCA?" "Why should I care?" "What can I do?" Do you have clear answers? We challenge our clients to be sure they have clear answers because what you believe about Leadership in a VUCA world matters. If we don't ask, we're not doing our job. We can't stand by and let our clients pretend everything will be fine without them having to do things differently, or allow them to get further and further behind their competition, or watch as they set themselves up for serious challenges to their survival.


How you answer is key to engaging productively with the challenges of VUCA. Preparation is the best strategy for surviving (hopefully thriving) and that preparation is very different now than just a couple of years ago. We hope you'll explore our site, put to use what you find here, and be in touch with us if you want more substantial results more quickly. We'd be honored to partner with you in these demanding, and exciting, times! ~ Cindy & Don